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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 14, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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now at eight ... high winds and drenching ahead ... what you need to know about the next big storm headed toward the bay area tomorrow.(whoosh) we are not in a position where we are worried about the lights turning outgovernor newsom tries to calm fears about pg&e's possible bankruptcy.the utility is facing tens of billions of dollars in wildfire liability claims.(whoosh)i feel tremendous sadness and grief and shame and another bay area dicese releases the names of priests who have sexually abused childen. (pam) now at 8 -- the calm before the storm! tonight we are tracking the rain storm expected to hit the bay area in the next few days. the start of our work week was a pretty quiet around the bay area... but things could
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change pretty soon. let's look at the radar ... you can see the storm system taking shape off shore right now (pam) good evening -- i'm pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne -- thank you for joining us tonight at 8. we have team coverage tonight on the upcoming rainstorm.(ken) kron 4's charles clifford is standing by in daly city with details on how crews are preparing for this week's wet weather we'll check on him in just a moment... but first we want to turn to kron 4 meterologist dave sphar with a look at when this storm could hit and how strong it will be... dave?
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(pam) our team coverage continues tonight -- with kron 4's charles clifford... he is standing by in daly city... charles -- how are crews preparing for the storm? well, i know it's a bit cliche but today really is the calm before the storm. i made a loop throug hthe sf, the east bay and marin county. checking
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on some of the weather trouble spots nats the san francisco puc said that crews were out and about across the city checking and clearing drains on monday morning. a single clogged storm drain can flood an entire intersection.natsacross the bay in oakland, sausal creek. . which usually rages with water during big storms. . .was quiet on monday. dog walker was out for a stroll with canon. she doesn't mind the rain but takes advantage of these breaks.sotnatsalong 80 in berkeley a very light rain fellaround 3 oclock , but it wasn't enough to cause any real problems. natsin marin county, san anselmo creek. . a notrious spot for flooding. . was well with in it's banks. natslate afternoon, rain fell along 101 through sausalito and in the marin headlands a handfull of beach goers were out enjoying the weather. finally, the national weather servicissued a high wind advisory that begins wed morning and continues through wed night. in daly city, charles clifford kron4 news. (pam) stay informed on stay (pam)
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(pam) stay informed on bay area weather with the kron-4 mobile app. there you will find full forecasts... interactive radar.. and get push alerts when breaking news happens in your neighborhood. it's all on the kron-4 mobile app (ken) the bankruptcy filing is expected to help p-g-&-e better face the many wildfire lawsuits that have been filed.(pam) but now-- people want to know what is going to happen to their bills. kron 4's dan kerman explains how this could also affect fire victims. with liabilities from california wildfires surging past 30-billion dollars, pacific gas and electric has give notice it will file for chapter 11 bankruptcy before the end of the month. in a statement pg and e says "the people affected by the devastatingnorthern california wildfires....we remain committed to helping them."sot mike danko/attorney for fire :18ir is a bad day for fire victims, they are being
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victimzied twice, the first time when pge burnt their homes down and now because instead of investing in their recovery they are investing in themselvesattorney mike danko who represents thousands of california fire victims doesnt believe filing for chapter 11 is to help fire victimssotiu think they are doing this now becuase they have spent millions to determine what is the best scenario for the share holders and they have foudn the best way for holding on to the most money and keeping out of the hands of victims is bankruptcy and and a watchdog group says bankrutcy may also lead to higher rates for custoemrs.sot mindy spatt/t.u.r.n. 1:08what we know about pge is whether they take the bankruptcy route or the bail out route in the end what they are trying to do is past the cost of negligence onto customers and they will do it or try to and we will try to stop themstandup dan kerman 129as things stand now pge is set to declare bankryuptcy on january 29 .. dan kerman kron 4 news. (ken)(ken)
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(ken) governor gavin newsom addressed reporters today in a news conference. (pam) he says, customers should not worry about if and when p-g- and- e does file for bankruptcy. our grant lodes is here with the message tonight from governor newsom... grant? (grant) governor newsom says "safety, reliability and affordability" are his main concerns as he addresses the likely bankruptcy of the state's largest utility. the democratic governor says protecting victims of the wildfires and rate-payers is a top priority for his new administration but he hasn't decided on any action. he says staving off the
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bankruptcy filing is ideal but it may not be possible. this is not 2001, this is 2019. we have an abundance of energy and out customers should not be concerned about turning on their lights.........that would avail pge new cash. (grant) (grant) could affect settlements with
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the victims of fires found to be caused by p-g&e. those claims could total tens of billions of dollars. p-g&e's troubled decade began with a deadly pipeline accident. natseptember of 2009: an underground gas pipeline explodes in san bruno.the huge fireball kills eight people ... destroys 38 homes and damages more than 100 others. pg&e pays out more than three billion dollars in fines and legal settlements.nat2015 ... the butte fire kills two people and burns nearly a thousand homes.a judge blames the fire on pg&e's failure to properly trim trees around its power lines.the utility ends up paying 25 million dollars to calaveras county.nat2017 ... the wine country wildfires destroy thousands of homes and kill 44 people.calfire blames all but one of them on pg&e. pg&e is the target of more tell liability will be at least two and a half billion dollars ...
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late last year governor brown signed a bill allowing pg&e to pass along some of the cost to its customers ... but only for the 2017 fires.natlast november's camp fire killed 86 people, destroyed 18=thousand structures and wiped out most of the town of paradise. victims have sued pg&e, accusing the company of improper maintenance of its equipment.calfire and the public utilities commission are also all, the company's liability could stretch into the tens of billions of dollars. two teens lost their lives in a horrific crash over the weekend. (pam) it happened in antioch near lone tree way and indian hill drive. four others remain in the hospital, some with serious injuries. the coroners
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office confirmed today, 17- year leana rubin died in the traffic collison. 13- year old jaia lightner's father told kron four, his daughter was also a victim. today -- teens stood in the rain taking it all in ... at this makeshift memorial. the boys who stopped to reflect on the crash... had messages for the devastated families. prayers."> a vigil is scheduled for 7:30- tomorrow evening the walmart parking lot in antioch coming up at eight.. overcrowded and underfunded. tens of thousands of teachers go on strike in l-a. details on what they are demanding -- so kids can get a better education. and -- disturbing new details in the jayme closs kidnapping case. the accused man -- says he knew he was going to kidnap the 13-year-old the moment he saw her. we'll have the latest as the suspect appeared in court for the first time
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today. plus -- the new list from the catholic diocese of santa rosa... with more than 30 -clergymen accused of sexual abuse. i'm kron 4 meteorologist lawrence karnow coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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get a ford. if you want waze and amazon alexa compatibility, get a ford. if you want a car that doesn't have any of that, get anything... but a ford. otherwise, you're gonna want a ford. ♪ (ken) in the north bay. the bishop of the santa rosa diocese said he hopes this weekend's release of the names of almost 40 priests accused of sexual abuse brings healing to their victims.(pam) kron4's maureen kelly has reaction to
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the revelation. the news conference held by bishop robert vasa started with a prayer"lead us not into temptaton"it comes two days after the santa rosa diocese released this list of 39 names of priests considered credibly accused of sexual abuse . most are either retired or dead. criminal charges have only been bought against 4 of them.... because the statute of limitations had not run, part of that is the church's fault, part of that is the nature of our society and the shame that follows young people after abusethe bishop he hopes that the revelation of these the names will show the church's seriousness in regards to the sexual abuse of children.i feel tremendous sadness and grief and shame and honestly a raging anger that these men did what they didoutside a church in downtown santa rosa one parishoner said she wished that the names of good and faithful priests were published as well. and then people would see hey not all of them are like these lowlifes other diocese have released of the suvivors network of ive those abused by priests...more commonly refered to as snap....says he expects the release of this list will bring other names to light. each time they release a list of priests, we have snap anymore find many more priests who are not on the list, so the more the diocese release the names of the more names of the more names of preschool here of course, but the attorney general of california is collecting evidence right now and people are calling in and sending in information to the attorney general even more so that liz is going to grow
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even moreall of the priests named on this list worked within the santa rosa diocese....but in some cases the alleged abuse happened before of after they came to work here. maureen kelly kron4 news
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(pam) we are learning more about the kidnapping of jayme closs... and the killing of her parents. court documents reveal chilling details about the kidnapping of closs -- and the killing of her parents. according to the criminal complaint -- 21- year-old jake patterson killed two strangers -- so he could kidnap their daughter.(pam) investigators say, this all happened after patterson saw closs get on a school bus. now, he faces murder, kidnapping -- and burglary charges . mary moloney has more. wearing an orange jumpsuit -- jake patterson faced a judge for the first time -- since confessing to killing james and denise closs -- and kidnapping their 13-year-old daughter -- jayme.according to court documents -- patterson says he was on the way to work -- when he saw jayme get on a school bus.he didn't know her. and had never seen her before. but says he wanted to take her. patterson told police -- he drove to jayme's home twice -- intending to kidnap her.on october 15th -- armed with his
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father's gun -- patterson went back .brian wright / barron county district attorney: "he shaved his face all of his head hair and showered before leaving for the closs home, so no dna or fingerprints could be located."police say patterson -- wearing a mask -- shot and killed james closs. patterson told police -- he then saw denise hiding in the bathtub -- hugging her daughter.patterson says he taped the teen's mouth -- and restrained her hands and feet. then patterson says he killed denise closs -- and took her daughter to a cabin about 70 miles away.for 88 days -- jayme says she had to endure outbursts from patterson -- while being barricaded under a twin bed.but on january 10 -- when patterson was out of the house -- jayme was able to escapebrian wright / barron county district attorney: "jayme deserves enormous credit as a 13 year old and she has such bravery to have done what she has done."now -- jayme closs is back with her familyas james patterson waits for his next court date -- behind bars.brian wright / barron county district attorney: "now it's time for us to obtain justice for her and her parents."i'm mary moloney reporting.
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(pam) jake patterson is being held on a 5-million dollar cash bail.he is expected to be back in court on february 6th. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's meteorologist dave spahr is here now with the forecast next at 8 -- tens of thousands of teachers go on strike in l-a. details on what they are demanding -- so children can get a better education. the forecasthere now with dave spahr is meteorologist dave spahr is here now with the forecast the forecasthere now with dave spahr is meteorologist kron-4's o.kron-4's meteorologist here
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now with the forecast
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next at 8 -- tens of thousands of teachers go chi education. and next ... a judge makes a ruling on an attempt to weaken the obamacare birth control mandate. what this means for women.
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(ken) more than 30-thousand education workers marched today from city hall
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to los angeles unified school district headquarters, despite pouring rain. the strike comes after the teachers' union turned down the latest contract proposal by the district. the sticking points include teachers' salaries, reducing class sizes and hiring more nurses in schools. despite the strike, the district says schools will stay open and students will still get hot cafeteria meals. the district also says it's committed to continue negotiating with the union. (ken) l-a-u-s-d is the largest public school system in california and the second largest in the united states. the district has more than 63-thousand employees who serve almost 700-thousand students. (pam) an attempt to weaken the obamacare contraception mandate has been blocked nationwide. this
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comes, as a federal district court judge in pennsylvania ... agreed with an earlier california ruling that affected just 13-states. the decision comes one day before the new rules were set to go into effect. in her ruling, judge wendy beetlestone said, losing contraceptive coverage would result in, quote "significant, direct and proprietary harm to the states." pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro called today's ruling... a victory for the health and economic independence of women in pennsylvania and across america. the changes were part of the trump administration's efforts to roll back regulations... that conflict with some americans' religious beliefs. democratic- led states successfully launched the challenge of the trump administration's interim rules. (pam) and time is running out to make sure you have health insurance. tomorrow is the deadline to pick a health insurance plan through covered california. people who sign up for plans now, will begin their coverage on february first. covered california says, there are more than one
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-million people in the state who are eligible for cheaper healthcare-- but who have not yet enrolled. in henderson, nevada today-- a ground breaking ceremony for the raiders new state of the art practice facility and headquarters. the facility is being built on 55- acres of vacant land near the henderson executive airport. it will feature more than 320-thousand square feet of offices and workout spaces... including three outdoor practice facilities, and one indoor football structure. the mayor of henderson spoke today about the raiders' decision to move there. (ken) the raiders (ken)henderson> (ken) the raiders are
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investing about 75 million dollars into the project's first contstruction phase, expected to be completed the spring of 20-20. the raiders new stadium is expected to open later that year... in july. coming up at eight... new details on the suspect who shot and killed a davis police officer. the last words that kevin limbaugh exchanged with his roommate just as he left their davis home. and -- police are investigating an apparent mass overdose of the powerful drug fentanyl ... details on how many fell ill to the powerful opioid... when we come back. plus -- we are now in day 24 of the government shutdown... with no end in sight. hear from people who are forced to work without pay... and are struggling to make ends meet. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break.
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get a ford. if you want a car that doesn't have any of that, get anything... but a ford. otherwise, you're gonna want a ford. ♪ president trump continuing to defend border security before departing the white house on his way to new orleans today... meanwhile -- a new migrant caravan is forming in honduras. migrants are heading to san pedro sula, not
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far from the border with guatemala, where they're expected to depart early tomorrow. (ken) this as president trump faces the longest ever government shutdown ... all over border wall funding. (pam) it is day- 24 of the partial government shutdown - with no signs that either side is willing to budge. millions of americans are feeling the effect ... including tens of thousands of t-s-a workers.camila bernal .. in washington with the latest on the shutdown - and the affect across the country. snowy scenes in washington -- mirroring the frozen state of negotiations over the government shutdown.sen ben cardin/-d- maryland: make no mistake, to me, this shutdown is caused by president trump. president donald trump: the democrats are stopping us. president trump began week áfourá of the shutdown backing off a recent threat to use executive power to fund his 5-point-7 billion dollar border wall.president donald trump: i'm not looking to call a national emergency. this is so simple, you shouldn't have to.but any hope of progress to reopen the government this week appears slim - with no meetings scheduled or new proposals on the table. meanwhile, millions of americans across the country are feeling the sting - including at the nation's
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busiest airports.rep. joe neguse/(d) colorado: tsa workers assisting travelers, making sure that we are safe as we travel to washington dc and are doing it without a paycheck.roughly 51- thousand tsa screeners are working without pay.hundreds have called out sick since this shutdown began - causing back- ups at some major airports. lines snaked all the way to baggage claim at hartsfield jackson airport in atlanta on monday.air traffic controllers - also feeling the effects. dan mccabe/ air traffic controller/ representative for the air traffic controller association: the morale is just funneling down as fast as you can image.despite the understaffing issues - officials say it's still safe to fly - travelers just might need to budget more wait time. dan mccabe/ air traffic controller/ representative for the air traffic controller association: we're going to keep everybody safe, that's what we doin washington i'm camila bernal. (ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're
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looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's meteorologist dave spahr joins us with a look ahead
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(ken) authorities in chico believe the powerful opioid fentanyl is responsible for a mass overdose that left one person dead and hospitalized 13 others. among those who fell ill were two chico police officers on saturday... who responded to the incident. reports say six people were discharged today and three others are in "good condition." fentanyl is an opioid often mixed with heroin or cocaine. first responders administered naloxone and performed c-p-r for several people on site, a task which took every ambulance in chico. (ken) a reporter working for a
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redding television station was attacked while covering that story. she made an announcement on twitter, saying she is determined to continue covering her community, even after that incident. (pam) we are learning new details ... about the suspect who shot and killed a davis police officer last thursday. (ken) 48-year-old kevin limbaugh shot officer natalie corona as she was responding to a car crash. tonight limbaugh's roommate is speaking out... she said she was blindsided by the shooting. jessica mench has the story. ((pkg))((cheryl brecheisen- walker, roommate))"'you know i love you guys right'.and he shot us a kevin grin."the last words kevin limbaugh spoke to his roommate cheryl brecheisen- walkeras he left their davis home thursday evening.((cheryl brecheisen-walker, roommate)) "he came back in like 20 minutes and hethere was no sign. he wasn't sweating. he had nothing in his hair. it was like he went down and bought a pack of smokes like every other day."but he hadn't gone to the store.police say instead limbaugh walked down the street to 5th and d
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ambushing 22-year-old davis police officer natalie corona as she responded to a car crash.shooting and killing her. ((cheryl brecheisen-walker, roommate))"the worst thing in davis in 60 years and it comes to my house. what do i do with that? how do you heal from that? where do you go from that? when you're so stupid you didn't even know?" brecheisen-walker had lived in this home on e street for several months, with limbaugh, her husband and their adult son.she says she knew limbaugh had trouble with the law in the pastarrested in september for assaulting his co-worker at cache creek casino. he was given probation and ordered to surrender his ar-15 rifle ((cheryl brecheisen-walker, roommate))"my husband drove him to the police department to surrender the ar. i said there's no way anyone who owns this gun is living in my house."she thought that was the end of it- limbaugh had made a mistake and she hoped he was turning his life around. she never expected this. ((cheryl brecheisen-walker, roommate))"if i would have though their was anything wrong i would have called."now praying for officer corona's familyhoping her community can recover.((cheryl brecheisen-walker, roommate)) "this never should have happened. none of this should have happened."
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still ahead at 8.. r. kelly is facing new heat in the scandal surrounding him. we'll hear from one accuser who spoke out today at a new york press conference. and -- a man shot in the head on facebook live is sharing his story tonight... how he plans on moving on after that terrifying day.
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(pam) a jarring scene played out for viewers on facebook live .... of a man shot in the head in houston. it happened in april last year, and tonight -- that the victim is speaking out. (pam) his name is devyn holmes ... he was shot while sitting in a car with another man and woman.(ken) in the video it is clear to see the woman holding up a gun and firing at holmes at point-blank range... shelley childers sat down with with the family. sitting between his sister and mother, devyn holmes showed off his big smile and sense of humor."this tragedy has sort of, kind of, made me famous," devyn said. "well to me i always thought i was famous anyway."that tragedy was a shooting that took place during a broadcast through facebook live, on april 1, happened while devyn
8:42 pm
was sitting inside a parked car with another man and woman. in the video, it is clear to see the woman held up a gun, chamber a round and fired the gun at near point-blank range. the video was watched by thousands of people, even devyn himself."i was on instagram scrolling and i found it," devyn an attempt to protect him, his family initially told devyn he was in a car crash but, he later learned he was injured in a shooting.devyn says he cannot remember anything from the shooting and in a quest to jog his memory, he found the facebook video and saw the moment his life changed."it doesn't bother me. i've never been one to really be bothered by things," devyn tens of thousands of people are following his recovery on the facebook page "do it for devyn."his family uses the site to update supporters with videos of him re-learning how to do everything from talking, writing, standing and even walking. fans have also sent him letters and even gifts from across the much as he has recovered the left side of his body he says is still weak, after the gunshot to the right side of his head."little things like picking up a pencil with my left hand, it hurts me to see that i can't even do that," he
8:43 pm
said.watching her son struggle with simple tasks is hard for sheree holmes, who stayed by his side day and night for eight months in the hospital and physical therapy."it was hard to watch because i know my son can do this. watching him have to learn it again, it's just hard," she eyewitness news.his survival was remarkable and his recovery is defying the odds, but devyn's message is simple. "don't play with guns. don't play with guns and respect everybody, love everybody because you never know what the next person's story is. so love and respect everybody," devyn said.cassandra damper was arrested at the scene of devyn's shooting. she is charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury.her next court date is jan. 31. (pam) that was shelley childers reporting. as holmes continues his path to recovery, he says his next hurdle is learning to walk unassisted.
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also, the raiders taking another step toward vegas. that's around the corner.
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(ken) faith rodgers has filed a lawsuit against singer r. kelly and says the singer tried to intimidate her. rodgers' attorney... gloria allred spoke in new york today.(ken) rodgers was one of the women featured in the lifetime documentary series-- 'surviving r- kelly'. (pam) in may 2018 ....
8:47 pm
rodgers filed a lawsuit against kelly accusing him of sexual battery, false imprisonment and "willfully, deliberately and maliciously" infecting her with an s-t-d. and since the release of the documentary about him -- r. kelly supporters and protesters hashed. andy rose has the story. glorida allred, attorney representing r. kelly accuser: "mr. kelly you will soon join the ranks of bill cosby and harvey weinstein."high-profile attorney gloria allred.. claiming singer r. kelly intimidated and retaliated against her client faith rodgers..after she sued the singer accusing him of: sexual abuse, false imprisonment and infecting her with an s-t-d. gloria allred, attorney representing r. kelly accuser: "threatening to reveal what he alleges are details of her sex life. in addition he posted private photos of her."rodgers is one of a number of women speaking out in the lifetime docuseries, "surviving r. kelly"..the tv series details a long list of allegations of abuse, predatory behavior and pedophilia against the singer. kelly's lawyer has said the documentary is filled with
8:48 pm
false allegations.but the series has prompted calls for authorities to investigate kelly.and for his record label to drop him and boycott his music.protesters both for and against kelly rallied in the streets outside of his chicago studio on saturday.nats: anti-kelly protester: "mute r. kelly! mute r. kelly!pro-kelly protester: "you can't mute r. kelly!"kelly has always denied any wrongdoing on his part.. and has not been found guilty of any crimes.i'm andy rose reporting. (ken) the cook county state's attorney called on victims to share their stories this week with police and prosecutors. reports say -- since then, her office has been flooded with phone calls. the a's have been expecting kyler murray to choose football, yet, there was still a belief, he'd be ready to suit up for the
8:49 pm
green and gold. but, it looks like murray can't turn his back on the nfl the heisman trophy winner...making it official today and will be entering the nfl draft. this despite a's executives pushing hard to convince him to stick with baseball.. reports say the team met with their first-round pick this weekend, trying to see how they could keep him in the majors. -there's still a chance murray could change his mind and report for spring training in february, but it's highly unlikely. --some nfl scouting reports have him being selected in the 1st round, and he'd be the first athlete in history to go in the first round in two sports. now to the nfl-- the raiders just a little closer to vegas with a ground breaking ceremony for their new practice facility. it's is being built on 55- acres of vacant land near the henderson executive airport. these are renderings of what the facility will look like. it will feature more than 320-thousand square feet of offices and workout spaces... including three outdoor practice facilities, and one indoor football structure. members of the organization who were in attendance say they are
8:50 pm
excited about what is happening. "we're building it. just look at it. it's gonna be one of the largest. it's gonna have every bell and whistle that we can provide fr the players. we've really done our homework. it's gonna be spectacular." "when i played for the raiders, we were in los angeles. an elementary school was our headquarters, and to look at this, and to see the video of the new raiders headquarters. look behind me, you can see all of this right here. it's unbelievable.""we're getting closer and closer. we're getting more excited every day. as these construction sites are being finished, we're all looking forward to a brand new stadium, a new practice facility."(wipe) the antonio brown to the 49ers conversation heating up today... and he has a strong endorsement from one of the greatest of all-time. in a radio interview with 95.7 the game, jerry rice not only confirmed he's been in contact with brown.. the steelers wideout posted a screenshot of a facetime conversation with rice on instagram.. but he
8:51 pm
also said that brown quote-- 'wants to come here really bad.' the all-pro is unhappy in pittsburgh....and has been angling for a trade, but we'll see what happens over the next few months. finally tonight, the clemson football team celebrating their national championship win at the white house tonight. and president pulling out all the stops for the menu. "i think we're going to serve mcdonald's, wendy's and burger king with some pizza. i really mean it. i will be interesting. and i would think that it's their favorite food." and the commander in chief wasn't joking around. the tigers...greeted with a full spread of mcdonalds', wendy's, and burger king. it's all because a majority of the white house residence staff is furloughed due to the shutdown... so trump reportedly paid for it himself. and the team, apparently loved seeing the up next -- nt -- up next -- a picture
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of an egg is smashing records on the internet. we'll explain after the break. explain after the break. this is a fight. not to the finish. explain after the break. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. so even when she grows up, she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only with expedia. (ken) a photo has broken
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the record for the most- liked photo on instagram.(pam) and surprisingly - it is not a kardashian.... it is an ordinary egg! the brown
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egg photograph was posted january 4th with the caption: "let's set a world record together ... and get the most liked post on instagram, beating the current world record held by kylie jenner -- 18- million! -- we got this." the post refers to jenner's birth announcement of daughter stormi webster... from february 6th of last year. the egg photo has shattered that record, racking up more than 33- million likes. people are trying to crack the case... and figure out who is behind the mystery post. so far, no luck. (pam)(pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. (grant) thanks pam and ken... next at ne... a rash of burglaries in san mateo county... and now police are on high alert... tonight what you can do to protect your home.(vicki) plus... p-g-&-e planning to file for bankruptcy... leaving millions of people wondering to happen to their gas and electricity... hear how governor gavin
8:56 pm
newsom and other law makers are addressing the matter... (grant) and a series of storms are lined up and ready to roll into the bay area.... we'll show you how many local cities are preaparing... (vicki) dont go away kron4 news at nine is next... (grant)t
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burglaries have law enforcement in san mateo county on high alert.... and now deputies are asking for the public's help tracking down the thieves...(grant) thanks for joining us im grant lodes...(vicki) and im vicki liviakis.... deputies say more than 40 break-ins have happened at homes within the county over the span of a few months. kron4's dan thorn is live in millbrae tonight with more from the sheriff's office and what you can do to protect your home. dan? a deputy with the sheriff's office says they are seeing burglaries happen way too often here in san mateo county. and they are putting out an alert so people can protect their homes from these theives.. the san mateo county sheriff's office sahring this picture of a couple of burglars. it's an image deputies say they're seeing in their communities too often..sot: the most important part for this is that we want encourage anybody
9:00 pm
that if they see something suspicious to report it immediatelyrosemerry blankswade a deputy with the sheriff's office says most of the reports they're getting are home burglaries. at least 44 have happened over the past 3 months..blankswade says many of these burglars are waiting until you leave your home and stealing items that are easy to sell.sot: we do see a lot of electronics being taken in these residential burglaries.. these thefts have been spread out across the county but deputies say they have been more prevalent in the areas of millbrae woodside and portola valley..blankswade says they would love to catch these criminals in the act but there are ways you can protect yourself..sot: installing security cameras, having alarms, having dogs is also an additional security feature.. also actually locking your doors and keeping valuables out of sight can help too. keeping in mind, many of these burglaries happen when people are not at home. the san mateo county sheriff's office says they offer a service to check on your home if you're going away. reporting in millbrae dan thorn kron4 news. news. thorn kron4 millbrae dan reporting in


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